You would be forgiven if you were to mistakenly confuse the band, Suburban Plaza, for a place; an unusual, but befitting name for an unorthodox band defying definition or easy categorization. They are a composite of contradictions and surprises, but mostly, an immensely accomplished collection of singers and musicians who also happen to be cousins, Tony Clef (lead vocals and bass guitar), Jerry Rescue!!! (keys), James Dillinger (drums), and Hudson Taylor (backing vocals and sometimes lead).

For them it truly is a family affair. Natives of Rochester, New York, they have honed their musicianship skill in the Church, singing and playing together in sanctuaries, temple halls and revival tents across upstate New York since their formative years. Well versed in the complexities of music instrumentation and orchestration, they demonstrate a talent and skill that suggests to the listener they’re well beyond their early 20’s.

The Suburban Plaza sound is a rich blend of diverse musical genres, ranging from gospel, rock, rhythm and blues to alternative; and it is influenced by artists as diverse as The Beetles, Prince, Steely Dan, Aretha, The Byrds and Sly and the Family Stone, to name a few, not to mention various rap stars, hip-hop acts, R&B artists/acts past or present. At any given moment, you can hear their influence echoing just beneath the surface in musical bed of intricate harmonies and arrangements, smooth transitions and progressions, and sumptuous melodies harking to a time when such craftwork was common place.

Their sound is an exercise in contradictions, masterfully executed and elevated to an art form; polished but raw, youthfully mature, secular yet spiritual, cinematic in scope while intimate and personal. They have crafted a sound that is refreshingly new, while managing to feel and sound un-expectedly familiar. Not an easy Trick!

Don’t bother asking them to help you define them or place them in some particular box or category. As far as they’re concerned, some things should defy understanding, be left to ones interpretation and imagination, much like their name…Suburban Plaza

“I’d prefer our music speak for us, our story, if you listen closely, it’s all there, for those who can hear.” – Tony Clef